Sign Accessories

Various products are available to work with your SpellBrite™ sign to make it as useful and easy to use as possible.  See below for the items available.

  1 Amp (1000 mA) AC-DC Power Supply.  This is used to supply current to a smaller SpellBrite sign.  It should power up to 7 letters.
  3 Amp (3000 mA) AC-DC Power Supply.  Can be used with any SpellBrite sign size..but normally used when a very long row or multiple row sign is powered off one supply.   Should power up to 21 letters.
  2 ft connector cable.  This cable is used to connect one sign to another…to allow power to be fed from one sign to the next.  By doing this, you can “chain” signs together and use only one power supply…saving cost and making installation even easier.
  10 ft power extender cable.  This cable is used to add 10 ft of length from the power supply to your SpellBrite sign.  To be used instead of extension cords if your power outlet is more than 9 ft away from where your SpellBrite sign will be hung.
 batterypack2 This battery pack can be used to power up to 7 SpellBrite letters.  It uses 8 AA alkaline batteries (not included) and comes with a 10 foot cord.
  Car adapter kit to allow you to power a SpellBrite sign from a vehicle’s cigarette lighter, to be used for signs up to 1500 mA.
Remote, on/off control switch.  Plug your power supply into this device, and you can turn your entire SpellBrite sign remotely.  This remote control can be used for any electrical device and is radio controlled within 100 ft of the transmitter. 
Center Support used to help suspend longer SpellBrite signs.Kit consist of:[1] hang tab
[1] chain w/ hooks on both ends
[1] screw-in hook hanger
Angle Adjustment can be used to tilt signs and/or connect signs between rows (with chains or other items).Package consists of [10] hang tabs.