What can I do if the SpellBrite sign is greater than 9 ft from a power outlet?

A 10 ft power extension cable is offered to allow you to extend the distance from the AC power outlet to the sign.  It connects to the power supply cable (which is 9 ft) on the DC side to the sign…thereby allowing you to be 9ft + 10ft extension for a total of almot 20ft from the AC outlet to the input of the sign.  Multiple power extension cables can be used.

What if I want a different color, font or size of SpellBrite letter?

Optiva plans to expand its offering as time progresses.  Please let us know what features you would like us to add by contacting us.  We always like to hear from current and future customers.

How do I clean a SpellBrite sign?

A rag/cleaning cloth with soap and water.  Do not immerse in water.

What characters, etc. are available?

A РZ, 0 Р9, Space, period, ampersand, quote, dollar sign,  percent sign, apostrophe and hyphen

What is the maximum number of lines per sign?

Normally, we recommend no more than 5 lines to make up a single sign.

How do I choose a power supply?

Work with your sign company where you purchase a SpellBrite sign.  They will be able to calculate the power consumption and recommend what power supply configuration you will need.  A basic rule of thumb is 7 or fewer characters will work fine on a 1 amp AC-DC power supply, 8 Р21 will work fine on a 3 amp AC-DC power supply.  More than 21 letters often require more than one power supply.   To see the power draw of every character you may download the Excel SpellBrite Current Draw and Width 2012-10-01 spreadsheet.

What do I do if the Maximum Power Draw is higher than the largest power supply?

No problem.  Each sign row can have its own power supply.  One row will not exceed our 3 Amp AC-DC power supply (a normal row takes between 1 and 1.5 Amps).

How many letters can a power supply light?

It depends upon what letters are chosen.  Each letter has a different power draw, so that is why we calculate it for you.  As a basic guide, 7 or fewer letters/numbers in a row normally use less than 1 amp.  More letters in a row normally calls for the 3 amp power supply.  More than 22 letters in a total sign will often exceed 3 amps, so one or more additional  power supplies may be needed.

What cable options do I need to connect signs together?

Optiva offers a 2 ft cable to connect one sign row to a subsequent sign row.  This can continue on for up to a total of 5 sign rows.

What is the maximum of number of letters in a sign row?

We recommend you keep the number of letters/numbers to 14 or fewer per row.  However, you may go beyond that, up to 25 letters.   Speak to your sign professional for direction and advice.

What is defined as a SpellBrite sign?

A sign is defined as between 1 and 5 rows of SpellBrite  characters/numbers/special characters.

How tall is a SpellBrite sign row?

6 inches.

How wide is a SpellBrite sign?

Depends upon the number of letters in the widest row of a sign.  Your sign company can tell you exactly how wide a desired sign will be.

What colors can I order?

Currently, only red.  New colors will be coming to market, so please check back with us over time.

How do I order additional characters for an existing SpellBrite sign?

From any approved sign company.

Do I need end caps for my SpellBrite sign?

Yes.  The end caps complete the ends of a SpellBrite sign, control power and have a control processor that allows dimming and special fading/flashing options.

How do I contact Optiva?

Go to the contact page of our website and feel free to call or e-mail.

What is the warranty?

Optiva signs carry a one year warranty.  Please see more information on our Register Warranty page.

How can I power a SpellBrite sign?

You can use a power supply, 12 volt battery pack, or plug into a vehicle’s cigarette lighter.  Please see Accessories for more detail.

What voltage are signs powered at?

SpellBrite and Optiva OPEN signs are all power at 12 volt, DC.

Can I put a SpellBrite sign outdoors?

It is made for indoor use or dry locations.

Can I get a copy of the installation instructions and warranty info?