Changeable LED Sign – SpellBrite

With SpellBrite, you can build any Ultra Bright message you like…

With Optiva’s latest innovation, the SpellBrite signage system, you can easily build custom LED signs for your business, then rearrange the letters to make a new message whenever you want. SpellBrite’s LED letters, numbers, and special characters are click-together, meaning our custom signage solutions will bring a maximum impact to your bottom line. Change your sign any time to rotate advertised prices or products, list holiday hours, or display a funny or eye-catching sign message that is guaranteed to attract attention. 

LED Signage is Easy With SpellBrite

Making LED Signs Has Never Been Easier

With a crisp & professional look, reasonable price, and hassle-free maintenance, SpellBrite™ is the ultimate replacement for neon signage.

SpellBrite allows you to quickly and easily create an LED sign that displays whatever custom message you’d like. Using SpellBrite is simple:

        Choose your letters…..                 …easily align the rails and lock together….              ….and complete your sign!

Video demonstration of SpellBrite


SpellBrite’s LED signs are different than other business signage solutions:

  • Up to 50% less expensive than neon and none of the maintenance hassles.
  • Characters click together, making assembly quick and easy. With SpellBrite, you can get the stunning look of neon without the distorted letters, tape, or paint.
  • Lightweight, easy-mount design that lets you locate it virtually anywhere, and move it anytime.
  • All the benefits of LEDs: long life, lower energy costs, better durability & increased safety.
  • Multiple dimming and animation effects for maximum attention-grabbing impact.  SpellBrite is the only quality signage system that allows you to create LED signs that you can change any time.
  • Our signs are guaranteed to increase your sales: if they don’t, or if you don’t love your sign for any reason, you can simply return it within 30 days for a full refund.
  • SpellBrite is offered in a wide variety of different 6.25″ lighted letters, numbers and special characters including:
    • A – Z
    • 0 – 9
    • $, %, -, &, @, #, !, ?, period, apostrophe, and space

(Above photo is of SpellBrite Red letters.  The intense brightness of the letters can make them look white/red in photos.)


Height 6 ¼” per row
Depth 1 ½”
Width Depends upon message, # letters used
Frame Design See-through
Multi-Row Capable Yes
Voltage 12V DC
Linkable Power Yes
Remote Control Power Yes, with Optiva® remote control accessory
Lens Shape Convex
Lens Color Colored, daytime red
Lens Material Impact resistant acrylic
Viewing Angle 180 degrees
Adjustable Pitch Yes, with Optiva® hang tab accessory
Dimmable Yes, 6 settings
Animation Yes, 8 settings including static
Electrical Listing UL, cUL


Call one of our resellers today to find our more about SpellBrite, our changeable lighted sign letters that allow you to create changeable letter signs!